DI Dr. techn. Kurt Schloffer

Managing Director


Dr. phil. Helga Schloffer

Managing Director
Clinical and Health - Work Psychologist
Head of the Training Platform AVI-Future Workshop (AVI - Zukunftswerkstatt)


David Schloffer

Executive Assistant

Business Areas

AVI is traditionally linked to the woodworking industries

and functions now as an interlacing and mediating service provider

Unique Selling Points

  • Thanks 25-years of experiences as R&D technologist, Pulpmill Manager and
    CEO in big production units of Pulp & Paper Groups (Sappi, SCA, Heinzel Group, ect.)
    we are able to solve problems from perspective and in interest ouf our customers.
  • Founded and comprehensive process technology and product quality knowledge.
  • Exellents contacts within the wood producing industries, as well as pre and
    downstreamed industries and healthcare industry.
  • International company / cultural expierences (S, SF, NL, CZ, SK, G, BG, I, EST, RU, PL, E, etc.)
  • Established knowledge and contact work.

Business Units


  • Neutralization of acidic wastewater by utilization of acitvated Dolomite (in cooperation with RHI AG)
  • Kraftpulp viscosity stabilization with MgSO4 from fluegas desulfurization processes (in cooperation with RHI AG)

  • Isolation of biogenious recyclables in Bleachplant effluents by TRF Membrane Technology (in cooperation with TBP Group TRF-MinerWa)

  • De-Bottlenecking of Combustion processes by partial oxygen enrichment (in cooperation with Messer Group)

  • Process optimizations by WoodFiber-Balances (AVI GmbH)

  • Environmental evaluation and balancing of production processes



  • Implementation of integrated Managementsystems for Health & Work Safety, Environment, Quality, Risk,IT, etc.)    

  • Strategic corporate development concepts

  • Conflict Management

  • Change – Management

  • Time Management

  • Management for a limited periode

  • Consultation of public authorities

  • Regional economic development


  • Technical-Technological corporate development

  • Bottleneck – Analysey, Continuous Improvement Processec, Cost-Cutting by process optimization

  • Due Diligence, Feasibility-Studies

  • Market Studies

  • Strategic planning (Technics-, Technology, Products, Marketing,…)

  • Oroject Management

  • Environmental impact assessments, Authority project procedures


  • 8 factors of successful business management

  • Work Safety, the key to managerial success

  • Health Management for your team

  • Thinking strategies (not only) for Managers

  • Process Management.....

  • Education for a graduate memory coach





  • ABZ Papiermacherschule Steyrermühl
  • addIT-Siemens
  • AK Salzburg
  • Austropapier
  • Diakonieakademie
  • Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH
  • Flottweg AG
  • Gesundheitsnetzwerk Tennengau
  • Ganzstoff Industries
  • Heinzel Group
  • Holzcluster Steiermark GmbH
  • Holzindustrie Schweighofer
  • Institut Lore Wehner
  • Krispler & Kaserer
    Transportunternehmen GmbH
  • Leitbildentwicklung - Holzgemeinde
  • Leitbildentwicklung -
    Gemeindefusion Pöls-Oberkurzheim
  • Land Salzburg
  • Logopädische Akademie Ried
  • Marktgemeinde Kuchl
  • Messer Group
  • MONDI Group
  • MONDI Dynäs
  • MONDI Europe & International
  • MONDI Frantschach
  • MONDI Neudiedler, Werk Kematen
  • MONDI Sales
  • MONDI Stambolijski
  • MONDI Steti
  • MONDI Swiece
  • MONDI Syktyvkar
  • Mondi Neusiedler GmbH
  • Montan Universität Leoben
  • New Solutions GmbH
  • NWTC Group
  • Österr. Bundesverband
    für Gedächtnistraining
  • OLZOG Fachverlag
  • Österr. Gesundheits- und
  • Pflegeheim Abtenau
  • Österr. Gesundheits- und


  • Pflegeheim Albertus Magnus
  • Pipelife International GmbH
  • Process Point Management
  • RHI AG
  • Rumpl - Logistik GmbH
  • SCA-Laakirchen GmbH
  • SPB-Beteiligungsverwaltungs-GmbH
  • Springer Verlag
  • Susinoil – biogenic fuels e.U.
  • SynGroup GmbH
  • TBP Group
  • Technologische Akademie
    der Montanuniversität Leoben
  • TRF MinerWa GmbH
  • Universität Salzburg
  • UNTHA GmbH
  • Wuppermann Bandstahl GmbH
  • Wuppermannstahl Austria GmbH


AVI Exemplary projects

Efficient process de-bottlenecking on basis of realistic wood-fiber-balances

The main goal of this product is to compare the current technological situation of pulpmills
(which have been balanced by AVI on basisi of commonly defined KPI´s) with the available Best Practice
which actually or in near future can be offered by the most important suppliers of technical equipment.

On Basis, of a standardized evaluation of the status qoum which will result from that procedure, a
trend-setting investment program or the next years can be defined and realized in a co-ordinated
stepwise de-bottlenecking program.

AVI compiles de-bottlenecking concepts on basis of benchmarks and results of the W-F-balances.

Sustainable utilization of raw materials

Technology and marketing cooperation with RHI AG

Technology and marketing cooperation with MESSER Group


Environmental evaluation and balancing of production processes


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